Holo-Info-Desk will get exposure in New Zealand’s capital city

Holodesk interactive

Multi touch surface, Multi touch software - levitating products - daytime projection, touch sensitive glass, virtual presenter, are just a few of the topics to be covered

Technology roll outs, constant developments, new models, new systems, solutions are rampant and everywhere. The ability for most business owners to get their head around this massive change is a task. No sooner have you come to grips with the latest trend thinking you have an edge over your competitors, but then find yourself outwitted by others who have implemented a technology edge that gives them a uniqueness.

Does this sounds like you?

We will cover multi touch surfaces, unique audio applications, social media integrated digital signage, interactive, LED displays, Video walls, Holographic presenters, interactive windows.

frustrated Office worker

Office worker frustrated with technology

HoloDesk creator, Kevin   Andreassend and Steve Laing from Shout Group have created some tech sessions for the non geek on how to implement a range of these exciting new technology and put it into perspective. Steve and Kevin find numerous clients searching with a degree of frustration on how to incorporate some of the amazing technology available today.

Solutions such as a simple a randomised media playback message welcoming customers each time they come in the store, or interactive floors where they can interact as they walk over the image. The latest trend of making shop windows interactive, interactive table top digital catalogs or integrating your Facebook page into your social media digital displays all just leave people dazed, confused or leave it in the to hard basket.

Touch surfaces of all manner are predicted to be a game hanger and already we have seen this in smart phone and table products in the likes of iPhone and iPad. The Holo-Info-Desk developed by Auckland based ICE AV takes that concept into large format screens for commercial use in museums, retail stores, windows, show room tables, reception and libraries. Furthermore the ability to make an in-store cardboard cut out, figures and even standard products for sale on a shelf can all now be made to be touch sensitive.

Clay Shirky describes this changing landscape and how we are all both producers, consumers and users of media on a 1:1 and 1:many basis.

We will show you how you can use interactive and smart surfaces in retail, in-store, real estate and meeting rooms and a range of other very cool technologies.

Please note the sessions are NOT A SALES PITCH, but a collaborative introduction and discussion to some of the world’s leading AV technology that ICE AV works with clients around the world.


BNZ Business Centre
28 March 2012, Wednesday All day
45 Knights Rd, Lower Hutt

Shout Group
30 March 2012, Friday Afternoon
Drop in sessions & 4.30pm Drinks
128 Nelson Street, Petone

To attend a session, meet one on one, or to bring a colleague contact:

Contact Steve Laing
Shout Group
Tel 04-586 6012
Mob 0274 850007

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