Survive and Thrive Conference uses The HoloDesk for scheduling the Sounding Board Sessions

Survive and Thrive

New Zealand is well known for its creativity and various participants have international acclaim in the cinema, pottery, art, photography, acting, digital media and design sector. The Survive and Survive Conference is a platform that brings together those active in the industry.

HoloDesk in action at Survive and Thrive 2012

Holo-Info-Desk was asked to participate with Thrive & Survive 2012 which we did with a partial sponsorship at this year’s Thrive and Survive in the Owen Glen Building July 5th, 2012.

The Holo-Info-Desk enabled attendees to register for the Sounding Board Expert Interview sessions and then later in the day to explore the photos that documented the conference.

The configuration used was a Single Edgeless HoloDesk where we used a a programmed PDF registration document that could be completed by touch action using a virtual keyboard.

Interactive Touch screen

Holo-Info-Desk being used in photo browsing mode

The idea to use the HoloDesk came about from earlier work ICE AV had with ATEED (Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development – A City Council Organisation) and to match the registration process to some thing more high tech than a felt tip white board that had been used during the 2011 event.

The Holo-Info-Desk reflected the theme of the 2012 conference “We Need to Talk about the Future”, something Candy Elsmore, Project Director from Arts Regional Trust, reflected with her web thoughts
“It takes creativity, thinking and sheer hard work, especially if your ideas are ahead of the crowd. This year, Survive & Thrive is especially focussed on people, projects and organisations who, through their work, showcase leading edge approaches.”

During Survive & Thrive 2012, participants were inspired by guest speakers, got down to business in the workshops with people who have walked the walk and connected with people in a meaningful way in the networking activities. Practical tips and tools from specialist advisors [acting as a sounding board for brilliant ideas and sticky problems]. The expo allowed people connect with people and groups.

Touch Screen Registration Form

In 2001, The Big Idea (Te Aria Nui) website was launched by then Prime Minister, Rt Hon Helen Clark to open up connectedness and, accessibility for work and income opportunities, but it also allowed straightforward navigation around the creative industries. Today the The Big Idea Trust has as its guiding strategy to drive creativity into all sectors of New Zealand society.

For the very first time, individuals, organisations and companies in the creative sector could identify and relate to each other in one, online home. The website connected people, allowing important networks to develop on personal, local, regional and international levels. Creative talent could now link with industry, science, commerce, health or agriculture and The Big Idea could actively promote the building of relationships across sectors.