Multi Touch screens are becoming a preferred solution to engage with visitors and buyers.

The Holo-Info-Desk multi-touch systems from ICE AV Tech in any of it the physical form factors, provides users a unique experience with their existing content or especially designed content and media.

For clients based in Auckland we welcome you to make an appointment and we can show you on our hardware systems. Whether it is a Plasma, LCD or Projection based system, we can deliver your solution to meet your exhibit, foyer, retail, promotion system.

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Engage and Entertain
Present and Inform
at Trade shows and Events, Lobbies and Showrooms
many Different Devices

We provide an opportunity for interested buyers to try the various Omnitapp software applications on your own hardware in some pre-configured content examples.

There is a free version that runs four function applications and provides and an excellent way to appreciate the full power that is available on the full systems.

Omnitapps Showcase is a free version of Omnitapps Composer Basic/Advanced. This free version is not only perfect for demonstrating what Omnitapps Composer will offer, but it can also be used at schools, trade shows, showrooms, boardrooms, on a touchtable, touchscreen and touch Ultrabook and has some nice features:


Whiteboard: our successful interactive whiteboard application is now integrated within Omnitapps.
MediaViewer: based on the OmniWall functionality and with improved gestures.
Multitouch Test: a diagnostic tool to test your touchscreen and to show the diagnostics from your pc.
MediaSwipe: a new slider application in which you not only can slide images but also videos.

Secondary display functionality: allows you to slide/flick content to a second display, ideal for a demonstration
Easy content management: in the configurator you select a folder for the content. The only thing you have to do is copy your files (photos, videos and PDF) to your selected folder.

With the Showcase version of Omnitapps everybody can engage with their users with four of our applications for free.


Holodesk Info Software presentation-screen-07 Singapore airlines (3)

Omnitapps-Free-Copy Request

If you wish to take the next step in engaging with your customers and visitors, a Holo-Info-Desk system provides a no fuss platform to achieve this. Call us on +64-9-414 2348 or email us using the form below to initiate your conversation.

Multi-Touch software delivers an engaging media experience for every commercial sector.

We are excited to announce that the latest development in multi-touch off shelf software powering the Holo-Info-Desk is now available for shipping. The software is limited only to a designer or marketers imagination to create experiences users will enjoy and find informative.

Any industry sector can take advantage of the Holo-Info-Desk multi-touch software

The suite of applications has become a power house of multi touch capability allowing a diverse range of industries to easily take their existing content and place it into a multi-touch environment. This ability is significant as it lowers the entry-level for companies to create compelling brand experiences with their media for customers.

Today buyers, customers and the inquisitive, are all wanting content
to enjoy and explore. Whether it is watching a Youtube video, browsing a web site, viewing graphics, playing a training video , searching a geographic map or hot spots within a photograph is also easily achievable on a Holo-Info-Desk touch environment using our latest software.

The Holo-Info-Desk is a dynamic multi-touch system that includes a functional, multi dimensional and fully customisable software suite perfect for any industry and application. Perfect for large format interaction via HoloDesk Window, Table, Kiosk or Console.

For customers who want to overcome the resistance often found at expos where the phrase “just looking” or “I’ll be right” is heard, the Holo-Info-Desk when used correctly, becomes a powerful sales tool to inform, engage and entertain and creating a buzz about your brand, media and the message you wish to share. Meanwhile throughout this experience you are able to engage with users and help them discover how your company can help them, solve their challenge and what is so special about your products and services.

For customers wanting to experience how multi-touch large format screens can enhance their marketing efforts we would like to invite you to experience a hands on multi-touch experience.

Please contact us at Tel +64-9-414 2348 or email sales at holodesk . dot biz