Hot spots for your multi touch screen allows content exploration.

By adding touchable markers that link specific content to your areas of interest in images, allows multiple areas of interest to have additional depth of information.

The images could be product photos where you want to be able to provide further information on a feature. For maps it could be a tourist office and wanting to high light activities at various areas. The markers can link to multiple PDF, Video and image files providing further unique information relating to that area of the photo.

Standard PDF brochures or flv/f4v/mp4 videos rendered with a h264 video codec.
Once the marker is activated by a single touch it expands to thumbnails, which when touch enlarge to the full content.
Multiple items can be displayed simultaneously on the screen. Each item can be manipulated by multi touch gestures.

Features Your own images, add markers to your own images. Place your markers, mark your locations with markers (hot spots) Show marker related content, link content to your markers, photos, video and PDF. Browse through your PDFs, go from page to page by sliding.

In this video is a short overview of using the Image Hot Spot Marker.

This function is ideal for product explanations, art gallery’s and expo trade shows.

If you have an upcoming show, exhibition or expo where you want to provide information, understanding and explanations with a multi touch experience, our solutions can bring your media alive. Ring us for a free chat of how we can help.

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