The coming generation will be touch centric.

Why is touch going to be so persuasive in the foreseeable future? World-wide parents who have purchased an iPad or Samsung’s Tablet or many of the others in the market, are finding very similar experiences when their children are given a tablet to use. Very quickly children will adapt to their most natural born gesture … touch.

As this generation grows older an interactive surface will seem more natural than a daily printed newspaper. Tablets are predicted to outsell desktop PC and laptops in the very near future and seriously on track to achieve this. When I was this age we gained so much of our appreciation by sight, today it is sight and touch. How will your company adapt to cater for this market that wants to touch your information? Currently 48% of mobile users in the USA are using a smart phone and the numbers are increasing at a substantial rate.

Tablet and Smart Phones will help drive large screen format screens as the market grows, as reported by htpp:// Report – The touch panel sector was one of the few bright spots in the global tech industry in 2011, with production value growing 88% on year to reach US$12.56 billion. Shipments are expected to increase 25% in 2012 and though growth will slow through 2014, the strong market is driving competition among players in Korea, Japan and Greater China. This Digitimes Special Report examines the role of the different regions and the technologies and manufacturing methods being employed and developed in order to gain a competitive edge in the market.