Survive and Thrive Conference uses The HoloDesk for scheduling the Sounding Board Sessions

Survive and Thrive

New Zealand is well known for its creativity and various participants have international acclaim in the cinema, pottery, art, photography, acting, digital media and design sector. The Survive and Survive Conference is a platform that brings together those active in the industry.

HoloDesk in action at Survive and Thrive 2012

Holo-Info-Desk was asked to participate with Thrive & Survive 2012 which we did with a partial sponsorship at this year’s Thrive and Survive in the Owen Glen Building July 5th, 2012.

The Holo-Info-Desk enabled attendees to register for the Sounding Board Expert Interview sessions and then later in the day to explore the photos that documented the conference.

The configuration used was a Single Edgeless HoloDesk where we used a a programmed PDF registration document that could be completed by touch action using a virtual keyboard.

Interactive Touch screen

Holo-Info-Desk being used in photo browsing mode

The idea to use the HoloDesk came about from earlier work ICE AV had with ATEED (Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development – A City Council Organisation) and to match the registration process to some thing more high tech than a felt tip white board that had been used during the 2011 event.

The Holo-Info-Desk reflected the theme of the 2012 conference “We Need to Talk about the Future”, something Candy Elsmore, Project Director from Arts Regional Trust, reflected with her web thoughts
“It takes creativity, thinking and sheer hard work, especially if your ideas are ahead of the crowd. This year, Survive & Thrive is especially focussed on people, projects and organisations who, through their work, showcase leading edge approaches.”

During Survive & Thrive 2012, participants were inspired by guest speakers, got down to business in the workshops with people who have walked the walk and connected with people in a meaningful way in the networking activities. Practical tips and tools from specialist advisors [acting as a sounding board for brilliant ideas and sticky problems]. The expo allowed people connect with people and groups.

Touch Screen Registration Form

In 2001, The Big Idea (Te Aria Nui) website was launched by then Prime Minister, Rt Hon Helen Clark to open up connectedness and, accessibility for work and income opportunities, but it also allowed straightforward navigation around the creative industries. Today the The Big Idea Trust has as its guiding strategy to drive creativity into all sectors of New Zealand society.

For the very first time, individuals, organisations and companies in the creative sector could identify and relate to each other in one, online home. The website connected people, allowing important networks to develop on personal, local, regional and international levels. Creative talent could now link with industry, science, commerce, health or agriculture and The Big Idea could actively promote the building of relationships across sectors.

Multi touch can help exhibitors rise to a new level of engagement.

Exhibitors including New Zealand exporters can now raise the quality of their presence at international expos. Many exhibitors are relying on old styled marketing techniques that many visitors have no interest in. Brochure bag stuffing, mounting displays on the wall and playing a presentation or video are no longer affective to create qualified high value leads.

Multi touch surfaces and solutions from ICE AV when used as part of a proactive and planned sales strategy approach with visitors means that catalogues, videos, product photos, brochures, web links, drawings CAD and schematic plans can also be shared via touch, USB, email and instant print. Unless a visitor is on the hunt to find particular information or insight from an exhibitor, many exhibitors have trouble to establish rapport within 30 seconds and becomes a cat and mouse between retaining the interest and the visitor being wary of giving to much away or wanting to move on.

Multi touch is the ability to interact with content and media via touch screen gestures using more than two fingers. This allows zooming, sharing, moving, multiple selection, in-depth revealing menus, moving between layers.

ICE AV Technology Ltd is able to assist companies in New Zealand and world-wide who require multi touch hardware, software, components. In recent years the range of systems have increased and the pricing has now become affordable. ICE AV has the expertise to be able to retrofit existing displays and assist companies to create unique multi touch experiences.

ICE AV is the creatorr of the HoloDesk, iQRite, Conixe, Holo-Info-Desk brands.

For sales and further information:
ICE AV Technology
Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales at holodesk . com

Digital Touch Points: The Power of Multi Touch. Free Seminar

Learn how to use the power of Multi Touch and Holodesk to Engage with customers like never before.

ICE AV Director, Kevin Andreassend will be presenting at the North Harbour Business Expo with his seminar “Digital Touch Points – the Power of Multi Touch”. It will include a live demo of the HoloDesk system on how business owners can utilise the HoloDesk system to invigorate and take their customer engagement to a new level.

Free Seminar at Business Expo

Learn how to use the power of multi touch to revolutionise your marketing activities.

By utilising existing content such as photos, brochures, web sites, videos, You Tube, Facebook and placing it into a multi touch environment, businesses are able to cut thru the clutter and distractions visitors face in expos by using the most natural of all senses know to man …… multi touch.

By using a HoloDesk system exhibitors can easily capture the undivided attention of visitors instead of the “no thanks, just looking” syndrome.

Location North Harbour Stadium, North Shore, Auckland.
Date 17 May 2012. Time 3pm. Seminar Room 2
COST Absolutely FREE with NO COST parking.

The seminar is part of the North Harbour Business Associations Business Expo featuring a number of North Shore businesses.

Timeline Module added to the Holo-Info-Desk for enhanced media access.

The powerful multi touch interactive software powering the Holo-Info-Desk receives further enhancements for April. the Timeline multi touch module allows further flexible on how a user accesses media. Based on the concept of an ageing Timeline creates an innovative way to access via content folders and files by sliding along the time line with a touch interaction.

By presenting your media through a timeline menu , visitors swipe through a menu with your own designated topics.

Omnitapps Time Line

Holo-Info-Desk software


– Create a timeline, Create your folder structure that is displayed in a horizontal menu.

– Create a storyline, Instead of names like 1990, 1991, 1992, use 01History, 02Present, 03Future.

– Show related content, Fill your folders with content, photos, video and PDF.

– Browse through your PDFs, go from page to page by sliding.
Media can contain PDF, images and video.

The media can be scaled and rotated through touch.
Show your milestones, dates, products, etc. in a timeline.
After selecting one of the subjects the associated media will appear.

In the Admin section you create a timeline, create your folder structure that is then displayed in a horizontal menu. This allows you to show related, by loading content into the folders with content, photos, video and PDF. The User then slides through
your content browsing from page to page by sliding along the Timeline.

Personalize your features:
– Application name.
– Media folder location.
– All used text.

– Background content screen.


– Spacing between menu items.
– Menu item text color.
– Time before PDF- and video media closes.
– Maximum scaling.
– Initial media size.
– Menu button image or default button image selection.

This added feature is offered free for all existing licensed purchases.

Holodesk software

The coming generation will be touch centric.

Why is touch going to be so persuasive in the foreseeable future? World-wide parents who have purchased an iPad or Samsung’s Tablet or many of the others in the market, are finding very similar experiences when their children are given a tablet to use. Very quickly children will adapt to their most natural born gesture … touch.

As this generation grows older an interactive surface will seem more natural than a daily printed newspaper. Tablets are predicted to outsell desktop PC and laptops in the very near future and seriously on track to achieve this. When I was this age we gained so much of our appreciation by sight, today it is sight and touch. How will your company adapt to cater for this market that wants to touch your information? Currently 48% of mobile users in the USA are using a smart phone and the numbers are increasing at a substantial rate.

Tablet and Smart Phones will help drive large screen format screens as the market grows, as reported by htpp:// Report – The touch panel sector was one of the few bright spots in the global tech industry in 2011, with production value growing 88% on year to reach US$12.56 billion. Shipments are expected to increase 25% in 2012 and though growth will slow through 2014, the strong market is driving competition among players in Korea, Japan and Greater China. This Digitimes Special Report examines the role of the different regions and the technologies and manufacturing methods being employed and developed in order to gain a competitive edge in the market.

HoloDesk Interactive Content Management Software able to power the next gen NextWindow DesktopTouch6S screens

The Holo-Info-Desk Interactive software is suitable for the next generation of NextWindow’s DesktopTouch 6S, the companys first six-camera, five-touch screen technology for PCs.

The DesktopTouch 6S is compatible with the Microsoft® Windows® 8 operating system. Windows 8 is designed to provide an enriched experience for users of tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, and features a new Metro-style interface designed for optimal touch-screen input.

iQRite Touch Finger

The DesktopTouch 6S is available in screen sizes ranging from 15″ to 30″ (38to 76 cm), The six cameras are embedded around the screen and are a perfect match for touch responses when using the Holo-Info-Desk multi touch software.

User with tablets and monitors utilising the new NextWindow DesktopTouch65 will discover many uses for the Holo-Info-Desk Interactive Content Management Software and will be suitable for one-on-one content presentation and also as a control surface for providing presentations in seminars.

Even though the Holo-Info-Desk software can allow numerous users interacting with content, typically each user would uses up to two fingers only. Due to the 15″ – 30″ size this makes the new DesktopTouch65 powered displays more suited for only one person rather groups, though the smaller screen does mean it is portable and yet delivering dynamic Holo-Info-Desk powered presentations.

Holo-Info-Desk will get exposure in New Zealand’s capital city

Holodesk interactive

Multi touch surface, Multi touch software - levitating products - daytime projection, touch sensitive glass, virtual presenter, are just a few of the topics to be covered

Technology roll outs, constant developments, new models, new systems, solutions are rampant and everywhere. The ability for most business owners to get their head around this massive change is a task. No sooner have you come to grips with the latest trend thinking you have an edge over your competitors, but then find yourself outwitted by others who have implemented a technology edge that gives them a uniqueness.

Does this sounds like you?

We will cover multi touch surfaces, unique audio applications, social media integrated digital signage, interactive, LED displays, Video walls, Holographic presenters, interactive windows.

frustrated Office worker

Office worker frustrated with technology

HoloDesk creator, Kevin   Andreassend and Steve Laing from Shout Group have created some tech sessions for the non geek on how to implement a range of these exciting new technology and put it into perspective. Steve and Kevin find numerous clients searching with a degree of frustration on how to incorporate some of the amazing technology available today.

Solutions such as a simple a randomised media playback message welcoming customers each time they come in the store, or interactive floors where they can interact as they walk over the image. The latest trend of making shop windows interactive, interactive table top digital catalogs or integrating your Facebook page into your social media digital displays all just leave people dazed, confused or leave it in the to hard basket.

Touch surfaces of all manner are predicted to be a game hanger and already we have seen this in smart phone and table products in the likes of iPhone and iPad. The Holo-Info-Desk developed by Auckland based ICE AV takes that concept into large format screens for commercial use in museums, retail stores, windows, show room tables, reception and libraries. Furthermore the ability to make an in-store cardboard cut out, figures and even standard products for sale on a shelf can all now be made to be touch sensitive.

Clay Shirky describes this changing landscape and how we are all both producers, consumers and users of media on a 1:1 and 1:many basis.

We will show you how you can use interactive and smart surfaces in retail, in-store, real estate and meeting rooms and a range of other very cool technologies.

Please note the sessions are NOT A SALES PITCH, but a collaborative introduction and discussion to some of the world’s leading AV technology that ICE AV works with clients around the world.


BNZ Business Centre
28 March 2012, Wednesday All day
45 Knights Rd, Lower Hutt

Shout Group
30 March 2012, Friday Afternoon
Drop in sessions & 4.30pm Drinks
128 Nelson Street, Petone

To attend a session, meet one on one, or to bring a colleague contact:

Contact Steve Laing
Shout Group
Tel 04-586 6012
Mob 0274 850007

FREE TO ATTEND Register via email or phone Steve for your complimentary attendance.

InvestAuckland utilises a pair of Holo-Info-Desks multi-touch systems to get in touch during the Volvo Ocean Race


Many companies world-wide are discovering the power of engagement with multi-touch as it allows visitors to access a diverse and extensive range of content right at their finger tips. This provides a dynamic conversation to occur spontaneously and the for the host to move between and access content in a seamless manner.

Auckland City Council’s lead development agency is using the multi-touch HoloDesk to create dynamic engagement in the DHL Marine Innovation Showcase. InvestAuckland and agency within ATEED, is challenged with promoting Auckland as an idea location for investment or establishing a company. The marine showcase will run in conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Cup race Auckland stopover running from 9 – 18 March. InvestAuckland was keen to move away from simply handing out brochures and had previously used the HoloDesk system at The Cloud Innovation Showcase during the Rugby World Cup 2011 as part of the Business Club activities.

Brochure Selector

There is now a significant global trend with the rapid converge to digital interaction whether it is on a smart phone or large format screen. The market has accepted that finger touch on a display surface is a desirable technique to access content. In fact it draws on one of the most fundamental behaviours since our birth, that is we want to touch things. Whether it was wanting to hold, feel, gain a sensation of quality, the action of touch gives us a sense of exploration, ownership and discovery. In the digital environment we have now gone beyond just being content to watch a promo clip or presentation on a screen, today we want to touch it and manipulate the content.

Interactive Brochures on the Holo-Info-Desk

Now with the persuasive nature of multi-touch on a iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Kiosk, touch is here to stay in your pocket, desktop, window, floor, wall and display. Currently there are 360,000 Android phones coming online per day that reinforces the acceptance of touch screens as part of our daily lives. On the Holo-Info-Desk websites, graphics, video, photos, maps all come alive in a touch environment typically starting at 32 inch size up to wall size displays. the power of our software takes the complexity out of creating your owned themed and customised multi-touch environment.

InvestAuckland at the DHL Marine Innovation Showcase as part of the Volvo Ocean Cup Race

Multi-Touch software delivers an engaging media experience for every commercial sector.

We are excited to announce that the latest development in multi-touch off shelf software powering the Holo-Info-Desk is now available for shipping. The software is limited only to a designer or marketers imagination to create experiences users will enjoy and find informative.

Any industry sector can take advantage of the Holo-Info-Desk multi-touch software

The suite of applications has become a power house of multi touch capability allowing a diverse range of industries to easily take their existing content and place it into a multi-touch environment. This ability is significant as it lowers the entry-level for companies to create compelling brand experiences with their media for customers.

Today buyers, customers and the inquisitive, are all wanting content
to enjoy and explore. Whether it is watching a Youtube video, browsing a web site, viewing graphics, playing a training video , searching a geographic map or hot spots within a photograph is also easily achievable on a Holo-Info-Desk touch environment using our latest software.

The Holo-Info-Desk is a dynamic multi-touch system that includes a functional, multi dimensional and fully customisable software suite perfect for any industry and application. Perfect for large format interaction via HoloDesk Window, Table, Kiosk or Console.

For customers who want to overcome the resistance often found at expos where the phrase “just looking” or “I’ll be right” is heard, the Holo-Info-Desk when used correctly, becomes a powerful sales tool to inform, engage and entertain and creating a buzz about your brand, media and the message you wish to share. Meanwhile throughout this experience you are able to engage with users and help them discover how your company can help them, solve their challenge and what is so special about your products and services.

For customers wanting to experience how multi-touch large format screens can enhance their marketing efforts we would like to invite you to experience a hands on multi-touch experience.

Please contact us at Tel +64-9-414 2348 or email sales at holodesk . dot biz

Holo-Info-Desk is a Silver Sponsor at the Event Camp Auckland 2012

Holo-Info-Desk is delighted to be a Silver Sponsor of the first ever Event Camp Downunder, here in Auckland and with a digital link across to the Australian event running simultaneously and in conjunction with.

The event starts on Sunday 25 February. For New Zealanders the event will be via a free virtual hookup with streamed video from the comfort of your 42 inch monitor or your tiny smart phone screen. The Monday will be an in person event at the
The Brewery Britomart

Event Camp

Speaker presentations will be objective, innovative and with an eye on the future and current trends. They’ve been asked to give us real life war stories and case studies we can learn from (no product pitches!) and they’ll inspire the audience to discuss their insight and examples of what is working and ‘what’s coming next’.

The speakers on-site in Sydney will have a half-hour slot each. The Pod and Remote speakers will have slightly less time – but each speaker is encouraged to include a question session and polling of the audience.

If you subscribe to this blog and wish to attend we have a few complimentary tickets available for the paid Auckland on venue day (Monday 27 Feb). Post a comment saying why you would like to attend.

The Twitter hashtag is #ECDU12. The event also runs concurrently in Barcelona and London.

The informative Auckland speakers will be presenting via the touch technology which we expect will be a first for all the presenters. Instead of the rigid mouse click for next slide speakers style of presentation, they will instead stretch, touch and physically engage with their presentation.