Multi Touch software on a Holo-Info-Desk Kiosk and surface helps create dynamic retail, museum, airport and expo applications.

The latest suite of multi touch software driving the Holo-Info-Desk kiosks and touch surfaces allows a wide range of applications. It is available in four versions, one of which is a free application including.

Touch screen interface

Is the most advanced, complete, and competitively-priced multi-touch software application on the market. With four new applications, customers gain access to top-level multi-user software tools that are specifically designed for creating interactive touchscreen applications and deploying highly captivating multi-touch experiences within any public setting.

Composer can be customized to fit a wide range of professional applications, including multiple game templates and configuration forms. When combined with Omnitapps-driven displays, organizations are able to direct traffic directly to their location while captivating audiences with highly interactive content.

Composer Ultimate
Composer Ultimate includes all of the functionality of Composer Advanced and in addition includes the latest Interactive Wayfinding application.

Omnitapps Composer Advanced
Is a full featured multi-touch software package which includes 20 applications.

Composer Basic
Is a multi-touch software package with 18 applications and basic setting configuration.

Cloud Brochure Selector
A standalone application available for purchase is focused in creating a paperless environment.
This software application is totally focused on creating a paperless environment for viewing, sending and managing PDF brochures. With the Cloud Brochure Selector the location (retail, tradeshow, information centre, etc.) never runs out of brochures and are always up-to-date.

The Cloud Brochure Selector consists of:
– Brochure Selector
– Welcome application
– Slideshow application
– Tickertape
– CMS Cloud account

Brochure Requestor

The Brochure Requestor could save $1,000’s off your print bill

Showcase is a free version of Composer Basic/Advanced
This free version is not only perfect for demonstrating what Omnitapps Composer will offer, but it can also be used at schools, trade shows, showrooms, boardrooms, on a touchtable, touchscreen and touch Ultrabook and has some nice features:

Whiteboard: our successful interactive whiteboard application is now integrated within Omnitapps
MediaViewer: based on the OmniWall functionality and with improved gestures
Multitouch Test: a diagnostic tool to test your touchscreen and to show the diagnostics from your pc
MediaSwipe: a new slider application in which you not only can slide images but also videos
Secondary display functionality: allows you to slide/flick content to a second display, ideal for a demonstration
Easy content management: in the configurator you select a folder for the content.
The only thing you have to do is copy your files (photos, videos and PDF) to your selected folder.

Holo-Info-Desk Bench LCD_01

Take your step into the world of Multi Touch content interaction with our free offer. Click on the logo to request your free fully functional no time limit Composer Showcase application.

Omnitapps-Free-Copy Request

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