Multi Touch brochures add a new element to viewing content

Multi touch as an interaction technique is only persuasive if the content is relevant, dynamic and engaging.

One of the most well known digital formats is the Adobe PDF format and often called an ebook. Today the PDF format is found in every digital print domain, applications. When used in the Multi Touch format it becomes extremely useful to present multiple layers of information, whether it be a catalogue, magazine, technical diagrams, photos sequence, then can all fall under the spell of multi touch. When used on the HoloDesk it adds to a media rich interactive environment delivering timely and engaging touch experiences.

A recent addition in the digital format as been visual affects now possible to delivers a new look and feel of how the pages turn. This can be taken advantage of and here we show you a live example below. The left graphic we have created a dynamic PDF as a Flash link that delivers a new look and feel. Click on the photo to go directly to the brochure.

The right hand photo is the Brochure Requestor Application in the Omnitapp software where users can request a PDF brochure can be printed on the spot, saved to a USB memory stick or emailed to your designated address.

Multi touch New Zealand


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