Digital Touch Points Seminars give valuable insight

This past week the ICE AV team with Wellington partner, Shout Group have been sharing with senior executives from various well known Wellington companies on a range of latest generation software and hardware technologies that can help them rise above the communication noise.

The seminar series titles Digital Touch Points described a number of techniques that can enable theatre, engagement, referrals, connection, endorsement, data access, digital interaction. By using software and hardware from the ICE AV Cataloq we are designing unique solutions.


ICE AV Founder shares during Digital Touch Points seminar

By integrating body motion, GPS, mobility, ultra sound, touch sensitive surfaces, integrated software, digital displays, we were able to demonstrate how businesses can engage with their fans and clients in a completely new way combining online, offline, mobility with social media and leading edge audio visual technologies.

We were delighted with some of the feedback that included “that was amazing what you showed, I have never seen that before, definitely be in touch, you have give us so many ideas”. It proved to us that businesses are hungry for genuine and honest non sales pitch information, and to gain insight how to use technologies, converge them as we spread out a table of capabilities.

ICE AV and Shout Group will be planning to conduct further Digital Touch Point seminars in NZ to fire up the imagination of business owners so they can create unique customer Digital Touch Points.

Holo-Info-Desk will get exposure in New Zealand’s capital city

Holodesk interactive

Multi touch surface, Multi touch software - levitating products - daytime projection, touch sensitive glass, virtual presenter, are just a few of the topics to be covered

Technology roll outs, constant developments, new models, new systems, solutions are rampant and everywhere. The ability for most business owners to get their head around this massive change is a task. No sooner have you come to grips with the latest trend thinking you have an edge over your competitors, but then find yourself outwitted by others who have implemented a technology edge that gives them a uniqueness.

Does this sounds like you?

We will cover multi touch surfaces, unique audio applications, social media integrated digital signage, interactive, LED displays, Video walls, Holographic presenters, interactive windows.

frustrated Office worker

Office worker frustrated with technology

HoloDesk creator, Kevin   Andreassend and Steve Laing from Shout Group have created some tech sessions for the non geek on how to implement a range of these exciting new technology and put it into perspective. Steve and Kevin find numerous clients searching with a degree of frustration on how to incorporate some of the amazing technology available today.

Solutions such as a simple a randomised media playback message welcoming customers each time they come in the store, or interactive floors where they can interact as they walk over the image. The latest trend of making shop windows interactive, interactive table top digital catalogs or integrating your Facebook page into your social media digital displays all just leave people dazed, confused or leave it in the to hard basket.

Touch surfaces of all manner are predicted to be a game hanger and already we have seen this in smart phone and table products in the likes of iPhone and iPad. The Holo-Info-Desk developed by Auckland based ICE AV takes that concept into large format screens for commercial use in museums, retail stores, windows, show room tables, reception and libraries. Furthermore the ability to make an in-store cardboard cut out, figures and even standard products for sale on a shelf can all now be made to be touch sensitive.

Clay Shirky describes this changing landscape and how we are all both producers, consumers and users of media on a 1:1 and 1:many basis.

We will show you how you can use interactive and smart surfaces in retail, in-store, real estate and meeting rooms and a range of other very cool technologies.

Please note the sessions are NOT A SALES PITCH, but a collaborative introduction and discussion to some of the world’s leading AV technology that ICE AV works with clients around the world.


BNZ Business Centre
28 March 2012, Wednesday All day
45 Knights Rd, Lower Hutt

Shout Group
30 March 2012, Friday Afternoon
Drop in sessions & 4.30pm Drinks
128 Nelson Street, Petone

To attend a session, meet one on one, or to bring a colleague contact:

Contact Steve Laing
Shout Group
Tel 04-586 6012
Mob 0274 850007

FREE TO ATTEND Register via email or phone Steve for your complimentary attendance.

Multi Touch brochures add a new element to viewing content

Multi touch as an interaction technique is only persuasive if the content is relevant, dynamic and engaging.

One of the most well known digital formats is the Adobe PDF format and often called an ebook. Today the PDF format is found in every digital print domain, applications. When used in the Multi Touch format it becomes extremely useful to present multiple layers of information, whether it be a catalogue, magazine, technical diagrams, photos sequence, then can all fall under the spell of multi touch. When used on the HoloDesk it adds to a media rich interactive environment delivering timely and engaging touch experiences.

A recent addition in the digital format as been visual affects now possible to delivers a new look and feel of how the pages turn. This can be taken advantage of and here we show you a live example below. The left graphic we have created a dynamic PDF as a Flash link that delivers a new look and feel. Click on the photo to go directly to the brochure.

The right hand photo is the Brochure Requestor Application in the Omnitapp software where users can request a PDF brochure can be printed on the spot, saved to a USB memory stick or emailed to your designated address.

Multi touch New Zealand

Multi-touch software brings all your brochures, video, web, graphics, maps alive at your touch.

Exhibitors world-wide face significant challenges on how to recoup the cost to exhibit. Whether you are a small home based business, small manufacturer or a major force in the market every exhibitor faces similar challenges.

Multi touch content

Do you have these pressure points to cope with?

– how to be more dynamic than the boring “How can I help you?”
– how to achieve high quality interaction with visitors
– not getting the dreaded, “just looking thanks”
– experiencing dis-interested gazes
– visitors who simply seem lost
– how to increase visitor interaction time
– reducing expo print budgets to $0
– finding time post expo to process all the contact details into a database
– share relevant media that leave a strong impression.
– establish positive connection with visitor for post show followup.

It all starts with the moment a visitor approaches your stand and how you can achieve their attention and their time before they walk off. That crucial 60 seconds the visitor is thinking will I stay or try and get away to find something else more interesting. When the visitor finally walks off after spending time with you, you want them thinking “good they will follow-up and with me next week” and not thinking that they wasted 5-10 minutes with your sales pitch and that you are of little relevance to them.

Part One Video using actual content for an expo.

That is where multi-touch surfaces come into their own. Simply playing a video or PowerPoint on a screen on the wall in the hope that this is going to engage the visitor for 5 minutes is a fallacy.

In this 2 part video we show you how web sites, photos, catalogues, presentations, videos, maps and hot spots can all be used to give you instance access to engage dynamically with visitors.

Todays visitors wants to be entertained, go down a discovery and be wowed with what you have can show or demonstrate. The power of the multi-touch surface driven by a powerful software that uses your existing media is now a reality. We can not make you into a super sales person, fully coherent, engaging but we can give you a major tool that can put you ahead of your competitors that was once only affordable to the big guys.

Contact us now to discover how multi-touch can work for you.

ICE AV Technology Ltd
Auckland, Zealand

Tel +64-9-4142348
Skype iceavtechnology
sales at

InvestAuckland utilises a pair of Holo-Info-Desks multi-touch systems to get in touch during the Volvo Ocean Race


Many companies world-wide are discovering the power of engagement with multi-touch as it allows visitors to access a diverse and extensive range of content right at their finger tips. This provides a dynamic conversation to occur spontaneously and the for the host to move between and access content in a seamless manner.

Auckland City Council’s lead development agency is using the multi-touch HoloDesk to create dynamic engagement in the DHL Marine Innovation Showcase. InvestAuckland and agency within ATEED, is challenged with promoting Auckland as an idea location for investment or establishing a company. The marine showcase will run in conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Cup race Auckland stopover running from 9 – 18 March. InvestAuckland was keen to move away from simply handing out brochures and had previously used the HoloDesk system at The Cloud Innovation Showcase during the Rugby World Cup 2011 as part of the Business Club activities.

Brochure Selector

There is now a significant global trend with the rapid converge to digital interaction whether it is on a smart phone or large format screen. The market has accepted that finger touch on a display surface is a desirable technique to access content. In fact it draws on one of the most fundamental behaviours since our birth, that is we want to touch things. Whether it was wanting to hold, feel, gain a sensation of quality, the action of touch gives us a sense of exploration, ownership and discovery. In the digital environment we have now gone beyond just being content to watch a promo clip or presentation on a screen, today we want to touch it and manipulate the content.

Interactive Brochures on the Holo-Info-Desk

Now with the persuasive nature of multi-touch on a iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Kiosk, touch is here to stay in your pocket, desktop, window, floor, wall and display. Currently there are 360,000 Android phones coming online per day that reinforces the acceptance of touch screens as part of our daily lives. On the Holo-Info-Desk websites, graphics, video, photos, maps all come alive in a touch environment typically starting at 32 inch size up to wall size displays. the power of our software takes the complexity out of creating your owned themed and customised multi-touch environment.

InvestAuckland at the DHL Marine Innovation Showcase as part of the Volvo Ocean Cup Race